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Whimsical Hensol

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Hensol Castle, a timeless gem, hosted a mesmerizing medieval event that transported guests back to the age of knights and fair maidens. We invite you to step into the past and relive the enchantment of a memorable medieval gathering at Hensol Castle. From authentic costumes to grand feasts, this event brought the medieval era to life in the most captivating way.

When our client told us that they wanted to host a Medieval Themed Dinner, as part of their one week long Residential Conference for 150 delegates with a Product Launch Tea Party the first step we took was to select the ideal castle venue. We sought a location that possessed a rich historical backdrop, stunning architecture, and ample space for both indoor and outdoor activities. After careful consideration, we settled on the 650-acre private estate in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan countryside, nestling the Vale Resort and alongside, a breathtaking castle that perfectly captured the spirit of the medieval era: Hensol Castle.

And it’s easy to see why Hensol Castle is a historic castle located in the village of Hensol in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. The exact origins of Hensol Castle are uncertain, but the estate on which the castle stands dates back to medieval times. The name "Hensol" translates to "old marsh" in Welsh, indicating the marshy nature of the land.

The initial construction of Hensol Castle took place in the 17th century. It was built as a mansion house by the influential Turberville family, who were prominent landowners in the area.

Over the centuries, Hensol Castle changed hands multiple times. In the early 19th century, the castle and estate were purchased by the wealthy coal-mining industrialist John Nicholl, who extensively remodeled and expanded the castle. The Gothic Revival remodel transformed the castle into a picturesque mansion with battlements, towers, and pointed arches reminiscent of medieval castles.

In recent years, Hensol Castle underwent a significant restoration project to preserve its historical features and transform it into a conference and events venue. The restoration aimed to showcase the castle's architectural grandeur while providing modern amenities making it the perfect the location for Luxury Weddings, Themed Events and Corporate getaways.

Ground torches

As the evening arrived, the atmosphere in Hensol Castle was charged with anticipation. Guests arrived to find a sprawling expanse of meticulously landscaped castle grounds adorned with flickering torches. As a play on history, we had knights help the ladies off the coach onto the lush grounds. The castle's

towering stone walls and majestic turrets served as a backdrop to a magical evening that exceeded all expectations.

The ambiance set the stage for an extraordinary journey through time. And it set off a captivating experience that harmoniously combines nature's tranquility with the grandeur of the castle itself.

Inside the castle, every detail had been meticulously arranged to recreate the medieval era. Guests embraced the spirit of the event by donning stunning medieval attire. Knights in shining armor and ornate tunics strode confidently alongside graceful ladies in elaborate gowns.

A lady in medieval themed costume in front of a castle

Beautiful coifs and veils were admired throughout the banquet hall. The guests lived out their fantasies as their favorite medieval heroes and heroines. The sight of the beautifully attired guests added to the authenticity and immersed everyone in the medieval world.

Man with Robin of Sherwood Costume with an arrow

A feast fit for kings and queens awaited the guests at the banquet hall. As it were a medieval Welsh banquet, we aimed to provide an authentic experience. Medieval Welsh banquets were elaborate feasts that were an integral part of the social and cultural life of the Welsh nobility and gentry during the Middle Ages. These banquets were occasions for lords and their guests to showcase their wealth, power, and hospitality.

Banquets were typically held in the great halls of castles or manor houses. The halls were large, impressive spaces with high ceilings, decorated walls, and long dining tables. They were often adorned with tapestries, banners, and heraldic symbols, creating a grand atmosphere.

The banquet hall for our event was the castle's dining room. And it was a masterpiece of design and sophistication. The walls were lined with richly carved wood paneling, depicting historical scenes and heraldic motifs. Our number of guests didn’t allow for long tables, but we arranged circular tables while still keeping the medieval theme.

Medieval theme castle event with costume

Medieval theme castle event with costume

Elaborate candelabras cast a warm glow over the room, illuminating the fine china, crystal glassware, and silver cutlery adorning the table. The room was adorned with ornate tapestries and paintings, adding a touch of historical grandeur.

Medieval theme castle event with costume

The centerpiece of a medieval Welsh banquet was the food. We collaborated with a team of talented chefs who meticulously researched medieval recipes to create a menu that delighted the senses. We crafted an authentic menu that featured meals with historical significance to celebrate the Welsh culture and heritage. As an extra touch, menus were rolled as scrolls and elegantly arranged on the tables for the guests.

Coffee stained menu scrolls

Our featured dish was the Welsh cawl. The cawl is a traditional Welsh dish that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is a hearty and warming soup or stew that typically contains a variety of ingredients, including meat, vegetables, and herbs. Cawl is often considered the national dish of Wales and holds a special place in Welsh culinary traditions.

Cawl has its roots in the farming communities of Wales, where it was a practical and nourishing meal prepared using locally available ingredients. It has been a staple dish in Welsh cuisine for generations and is deeply ingrained in Welsh cultural heritage.

The medieval event at Hensol Castle transported guests on a remarkable journey through time, immersing them in the splendor and romance of a bygone era. With its authentic décor and sumptuous feasts, Hensol Castle proved to be the perfect venue for this enchanting affair.

Medieval theme castle event with costume

As the evening drew to a close, guests bid farewell to the medieval wonderland, their hearts filled with memories that would last a lifetime. The event successfully captured the essence of the medieval era, bringing history to life and offering a truly unforgettable experience. It was a celebration that reminded us of the power of events to transport us to different worlds, immerse us in history, and create magical moments that will be cherished forever.

Our attention to detail and commitment to creating an immersive experience left guests with cherished memories and a longing to relive the magic once more. It was a privilege to play a role in orchestrating this grand affair, and the memories created will forever be etched in the annals of time.

Join us on our next journey through time as we continue to craft extraordinary events that transport you to the realms of imagination and wonder. Stay tuned for more remarkable experiences that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

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