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Milestone at the Waldorf

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The stunning Waldorf Hilton Hotel, one of London’s most iconic establishments, was the magical setting for this milestone event to celebrate a truly wonderful and extraordinary woman who is loved by so many people around the world. The magnificent surroundings beautifully reflected her bold personal taste for excellence, chic sophistication and classic elegance.

Les Luxes: Entrance terrace of the Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Red London Telephone Box
The Waldorf Hilton, Aldwych London

This historic Edwardian hotel, set in the heart of London’s theatre land in Covent Garden, dates back to the early 1900s and was named after the famous American hotelier William Waldorf Astor. It has always been renowned for its opulent, art deco interiors, luxurious amenities and impeccable service. Over the years, the Waldorf has undergone several restoration and renovation projects, to keep up with changing times. In recent years this has included the refurbishment of its striking, architectural, curved façade with ornate, wrought iron balustrades. The hotel is protected by Historic England as a Grade II listed building.

Our client & guest of honour chose the hotel’s famous Palm Court as the setting for this very special and unforgettable evening. This magnificent room has been synonymous with lavish parties and dancing for over a hundred years and even provided the set for the ballroom scenes in the 1953 film Titanic. Natural light streamed though the refurbished, central lightwell reflecting off the creamy, white décor, mirrored doors and architectural detailing of French style doorways.

Les Luxes: Palm Court event space room decor set up for intimate private dinner
The Palm Court, The Waldorf Hilton

Decorative highlights of black and gold mouldings, intricate wrought iron staircases and balcony details contrasted against the light; and of course a few lush, green, palm trees covered with warm, twinkling lights gave the room that exotic 1920s vibe.

Sounds of joyful laughter could be heard as the guests began to arrive and were greeted warmly by the guest of honour. The atmosphere was full of excitement and anticipation as guests sipped sparking champagne along with a choice of melt in the mouth dairy free canapés, marinated chicken skewers with chimichurri dip and tasty fish and chip bites with tartar sauce, all served on the balcony level with a wonderful view over this stunning venue.

In their beautiful floor length evening gowns the women radiated elegance and poise whilst the gentlemen stood tall in their sleek, tailored tuxedos and black bow ties. Together they exuded an air of refinement and sophisticated charm, perfect for this lovely occasion.

As the Evening’s Host started to direct the flow of the occasion, guests moved into the Adelphi suite on the balcony level, where the guest of honour and her guests were treated to a surprise video presentation of greetings from family and friends from around the world, who couldn’t be present to celebrate her in person. Heartfelt messages and memories prompted tears and laughter as this special milestone event got underway.

Video productions like this one is a service that we have provided for many such events. Throughout the evening our photographer also captured unique moments of the guest of honour with her friends to create a beautiful record of this special occasion. The regal, marble staircase made the perfect backdrop for some of these images, revealing the warmth and fun of long and meaningful friendships.

As the evening progressed and the daylight faded the flickering golden glow of candlelight and low lighting created a warm, intimate ambience. Elegant seating plan displays made it easy for guests to locate their tables back in the Palm Court, where they continued to enjoy the party atmosphere at elegantly dressed tables. Gold beaded placemats and napkin rings, gold edged tableware, crystal glass candleholders and delicate floral posies tied with gold ribbons, created a regal, golden theme.

The room was filled with conversation and laughter again as friends and family caught up with each other and new acquaintances were made.

Les Luxes:

A delicious aroma accompanied the tempting hot and cold fork buffet served on the balcony level created by The Waldorf Hilton Hotel’s excellent in-house catering team. Guests selected from a wide-ranging menu of delicious options that included ham hock terrine with pickles and chutneys, chicken supreme filled with basil and sun dried tomato mousse accompanied by fresh salads and a basket of artisan bread.

At dinner a buzz of convivial conversation was facilitated by the large round tables that make it easy to talk to everyone not just those sitting immediately to the left or right. And a well rounded merlot and a crisp pinot grigio with floral apricot notes accompanied the very tasty meal.

Mouth watering desserts followed! Guests enjoyed two or three of these dainty delights, chocolate mousse, lemon and meringue tart and a fresh fruit platter. Altogether it was a truly delectable three-course menu with options to cater to all dietary requirements. Of course we can also suggest alternative menus and fine dining options from our specialist catering partners as required.

Following the meal the Evening’s Host facilitated opportunities for guests to get up and share fond memories and kind words of appreciation with the guest of honour. Surrounded by her loved ones, she responded in kind with a heartfelt speech thanking everyone for coming and reminding them of the importance of love and friendship and in sincere agreement guests raised their glasses in a toast to celebrate her again.

And just when everyone thought that they couldn’t possibly eat anymore it was time for cake! Placed on a table dressed with gold voile the cake looked almost too good to eat. As the guest of honour began to cut into it everyone clapped and cheered. Supplied by one of our partner bakers, this stunning gluten free cake was covered in flowers, fresh berries and ice cream coloured macarons, a visual feast for the eyes matched in equal measure by its mouth watering vanilla flavour, certainly making it a cake to remember. Served with it were delicious berry laden, carrot cake flavoured cupcakes.

As the meal came to an end the sound of dance music beckoned the guests to the dance floor back in the Adelphi Suite. The mood was lively and relaxed and the guests enjoyed dancing the night away to favourite golden oldies.

As the evening drew to a close, guests said their farewells with hugs and kisses, leaving with warm hearts and lasting memories of a truly unforgettable occasion. Conveniently situated for London’s buses, tube and train networks as well as the ubiquitous black cabs the Waldorf Hilton Hotel was the perfect venue for this milestone celebration event, offering a combination of grandeur, beauty, and intimacy. Our client was thrilled with the outcome and complimented us on the seamless organisation of the event. We take pride in making our clients' dreams a reality, and this magical evening was no exception.

So if you’re thinking of hosting your own special occasion the Waldorf Hilton Hotel is an exceptional place that we know a thing or two about do please contact us we would love to hear from you.

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